Ayurveda for self-care

This 100-hour course is designed to be taken on its own or as part of the 500-hour "Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach" certificate.

Your happiness, success in life, relationships, energy and vitality, clarity and creativity, and happiness depend, in large measure, on your health. 

As the most ancient medical textbook, Charaka, says:  ‘The foundation for fulfilling your duties, achieving wealth in all areas of life, fulfilling all your desires and for spiritual awakening is good health’. 

Health ought not to be taken for granted, and, in fact, we should be working hard to protect and enhance it. 

Medicine can be very good to treat diseases but is very limited in its strategies for better health.  Fortunately, Ayurveda, the oldest Tradition of Health, has so much to offer. 

Our course ‘Ayurveda for Self-Care’ has 3 strands.

*. Four days of practical health-promotion strategies in the company of four great experts in Ayurveda.  This will give you the opportunity of assessing your own life.  What are the most significant additions which would give you the best quality of life possible? How will you integrate them into your life

*.  Twelve two-hour lectures to give a thorough understanding of these possibilities and to motivate you to integrate them

*. twenty-five hours of homework for those who wish to do more to understand, self-motivate, and make changes.

Our desire for you is the best of health. The purpose of this course is to empower you to achieve it.

Dates:  11th October 2022 – 20th November 2022

Online section:

11th October to 17th November - Approximately 25 hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm - 6 weeks (12 lectures in total)

Lectures will be recorded to review in case you miss one.

In-person training:

2 weekends - 29th - 30th October and 19th & 20th November – Maldron Hotel, Dublin Airport.

Sessions will also be broadcast on Zoom

50 hours home-study

Total: 100 hours

Euros 300

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