In October 2020 we ran a webinar on "Women's Health" from an Ayurvedic perspective.

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Seminar on Woman’s Health

Ayurveda is very sensitive to the gender-based health issues that women face.  In this seminar, Dr. Donn Brennan, Vaidya Rajvinder Kaur, and Vaidya Naheed Farooque address these issues thoroughly.

Vaidya Rajvinder speaks about the common health challenges unique to women, including issues relating to menstrual periods and the whole genital tract as well as general principles ladies need to know for the good of their health.

Vaidya Naheed discusses the change of life and issues that arise at this time and how to prevent or to deal with them.  Again, general advice about health measures for the change of life and after will be covered.

Dr. Donn deals with the issue of fertility and the production of a healthy progeny, including the significance of how the intending mother needs to address her own health issues.

All followed by a lively Q&A


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