Maharishi Marma Treatment


Maharishi Marma Therapy is the revival, through Maharishi’s inspiration, of an ancient healing practice.  Prana is our healing energy.  An understanding of its source in Transcendence and how it flows through specific points on the body was understood in times past.  When this knowledge was brought to China it evolved into the practice of acupuncture.  But a much more subtle approach to enliven this healing potential survived in India.


What will heal?  What should you expect?  The experiences is of the very gentle touch of these points directly on the skin.  The appropriate points for a specific complaint, which may actually be distant from the problem, are enlivened through gentle touch using aromatic oils.  As the purpose is to enliven prana from within, the treatment is done in silence and you find yourself very settled and deeply relaxed.  So everyone seems to appreciate the deep rest and subsequent relaxation.


To what extent healing happens is very individual.  It will depend on the extent to which we can access these deeper levels of integration, and is more likely to happen for experienced meditators.  But significant healing, though difficult to predict, does occur for many. 


If coming for Maharishi  Marma Therapy you are advised to come well rested, not stressed, and not after taking stimulants like cocaine, or alcohol – even the day before!  Come in clothes that you do not mind getting oily as some oil will be left on to continue its gentle enlivenment of the marma points.  Best to go home after and take life easy and get an early bed in order to enjoy the full benefit of the treatment.



Thank you so much for the amazing treatment yesterday. I am so grateful. I found it deeply relaxing and quite profound. I could feel the prana flowing through the nadis. My sense of smell has fully returned! This had diminished significantly over the last couple of years. And the pressure at my throat chakra cleared also. I would be interested in further treatment if you could let me know when it is available. Many thanks.



The session was brilliant. I felt deeply relaxed. Slightly emotional with the treatment of the scar, but only fleeting .. what with my child’s birthday the next day it seemed timely. I also noticed how radiant my eyes were afterwards and that I was standing tall. Looking forward to more of them!


Just to give you feedback after my Marma treatment on Tuesday last.  I felt very relaxed afterwords and very grounded. I went to visit some friends afterwards and I was aware of being very peaceful within me.  I slept sound that night for eight hours.

Marma Treatment with Dr Donn Brennan

one hour  treatment  €75

90 Minute treatment  €110

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