Skin Care Part II

Vital Health Topic: Stress and Your Skin - Part II
Day-to-day emotional stress, in the form of anger, irritation, frustration or suppressed grief or anger can show up on your skin, causing it to look drawn and tired. Take our quiz to find out if you have a Pitta-related skin imbalance. Give yourself one point for never or seldom, two for sometimes and three for often or always.

Does your skin look blotchy or inflamed in spots?
Do you have break-outs or rashes frequently?
Does your skin look red and raw?
Does your skin feel excessively warm to the touch?
Are your pores clogged?
Do you notice increased photosensitivity and quicker damage from exposure to short periods of sun?
Do cooling treatments make you feel temporarily better?

If your score added up to ten points or higher, your skin may benefit and look clear and healthy if you keep Pitta in balance.

Follow a Pitta-pacifying diet:

Eat plenty of fresh juicy fruits to cool and cleanse from within. Fully ripe, sweet fruits, such as pears, grapes, melons, coconuts, pomegranates and mangos are good Pitta-balancing fruits. Avoid partially ripe or sour fruits.
Drink lots of pure room temperature water through the day. Pitta Tea is a cooling herbal beverages.
Eat cooked green leafy vegetables. Reduce hot peppers, radishes and spinach. Season cooked vegetables with Pitta-balancing spices such as fennel and coriander or use Pitta Churna.
Include a little Ghee in your diet - it's cooling.

Follow a Pitta-pacifying routine:

Go to bed by 10 p.m. and follow a regular sleep-wake routine so that you get enough good quality rest. Take the Blissful Sleep-Pitta herbal tablets if you tend to wake up in the wee hours and can't go back to sleep again.
Eat three regular meals a day, with lunch the heaviest meal.
Twenty minutes of Transcendental Meditation¨, twice a day, can help combat all types of stress.
A daily warm oil massage balances both mind and body - Pitta Massage oil is recommended
The Blissful Sleep herbal tablets help balance Sadhaka Pitta, which governs the heart and the emotions.
Make sure bowel movements are regular.
Make time for leisure and don't let deadlines rule you.

Ayurvedic skincare products that balance Pitta:

Pitta Skin Care Cream
The Radiant Skin tablets nourish the skin from within, promoting healthy skin cell growth and modulating skin temperature and moisture.