Maharishi Ayurveda: The very highest in Natural Cosmetics

Carefully produced plant extracts combined with natural essential oils form the basis of an exceptional range of beauty products, in which the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda is supplemented by the high standards of BDIH certified natural cosmetics.

Which products are suitable for me?
You can determine which products are best suited to you from the characteristics of your skin and hair. In this way, 'Vata' products are recommended predominantly for dry skin or normal to dry and brittle hair, 'Pitta' products for sensitive skin or thin to fine hair, and 'Kapha' products for oily or greasy skin or oily or thick hair. Those personal care products that are not designated specifically as Vata, Pitta or Kapha are equally suitable for all skin types.

Comprehensive beauty care
Maharishi Ayurveda gives the most comprehensive approach to beauty on three levels - outer beauty, inner beauty and lasting beauty. Whereas most modern cosmetics are aimed at surface values alone and pay lip service to the value of plants all Maharishi Ayurveda cosmetic products contain an unusually high proportion of plant materials in traditional Ayurvedic formulas designed to promote inner balance. Together with specific food supplements and supported by valuable Ayurvedic beauty tips, they represent the royal road to true beauty and natural radiance.

Raw materials and production

(Starred ingredients are *certified organic).

Our raw materials are pure and natural substances, mainly of organic origin. We do not use mineral oils, synthetic chemical perfumes or artificial colouring. A mild preservative is included only when there is no other way of properly conserving a product. These preservatives are derived from natural sources and are permitted in certified natural cosmetics (for example, sodium benzoate, a preservative also used in food).

All our ingredients are of vegetable origin, with a few exceptions such as the milk in Maharishi Ayurveda Balm, and natural lanolin (an emollient found in wool) as the base for skin creams, face mask and body lotions. None of our products contain genetically modified organisms.

Our creams are designed for both day and night use. The base carrier is either a high-quality nourishing oil*, pure natural beeswax, olive oil*, shea butternut oil (which retains moisture and is especially kind to the skin), or natural lanolin (pesticide-free). The harmonious blend of effective Ayurvedic herbs brings to each cream a natural fragrance. Adding a small amount of 100% pure essential oil enhances this pleasant herbal scent.

Vata Skin Care Cream: Evening Primrose* contains particularly high levels of essential fatty acids (gamma-linoleic acid). This makes it ideal both for dry skin and for hypersensitive skin that is prone to allergies. It is absorbed quickly, leaves the skin soft and supple, and has a natural sun-protection factor of 5. Herbs for this special skin type include jasmine and madder root, which in Ayurveda are known for their soothing effect, for imparting softness, and for their ability to form pigment and heal wounds.

Pitta Skin Care Cream : camellia seed oil* is known for its ability to soothe irritable or very sensitive skin, and in Ayurveda sandalwood and nut grass have the same effect. The vetivert and water lily bring a pleasantly cooling influence as soon as the cream is applied. Real rose petals further enhance the Pitta-balancing quality.

Revitalising Skin Care Cream : rosehip seed oil* and carrot oil maintain elasticity of the skin, leaving it supple and producing a gentle toning effect. The herbs Tecomella (rohitaka) and Sensitive Plant (mimosa) support skin renewal, as of course does Vitamin E.

The cetyl alcohol used in the Cleansing Milk andBody Lotions is a firm, wax-like substance extracted from coconuts, which gives the lotions a light, creamy consistency, leaving the skin smooth and soft without being greasy.

Cocoa butter* is highly regarded as a vegetable-derived raw material: it is kind to the skin, melts at body temperature, and leaves the skin soft and supple. It is used in the Face Mask and Body Lotions

The alcohol used with the herbs to give our Skin Refresher its fresh and antiseptic effect is a particularly mild, pure, non-denatured alcohol of high quality.

The almond oil* contained in the Body Lotions and After Shave Balm nourishes the skin and makes it shine; it is very mild, skin-friendly, and Pitta-reducing. Face Mask and Revitalising Skin Care Cream contain carrot oil, which is rich in Vitamin A. This promotes skin regeneration, enhances its resistance and firms up the tissues.

The base for all our Massage and Hair Oils is ripened sesame oil, which is known even in modern medicine and pharmacology for its ability to carry its health benefits deep into the skin.

The natural cleansing agents in our shampoos are made from coconut or sugar beet [lauryl sulphate and betaine are never used in genuine natural cosmetics]. Wheat proteins leave the hair tangle-free, and give rough or damaged hair smoothness and shine. Sodium PCA is a natural moisturiser, which is also produced by human skin.

The high proportion of original Ayurvedic herbs in our shampoos and other cosmetic products is evident from their colour.

Ayurdent Herbal Toothpaste is free from chemical foaming agents, preservatives, and fluorides. It contains no fewer than 15 different herbs, including neem and East Indian Walnut, which promote natural oral health.

To add to the holistic balancing effect of the products we use only small quantities of pure mainly certified organic essential oils.

BDIH Certification
The aim of the natural cosmetics guidelines drawn up by BDIH (the National Union of German Industry and Trading Enterprises for medicines, health products, food supplements and personal care products - is to give the consumer more transparency and safety in the choice of high-quality "genuine" natural cosmetic products.

The guidelines lay out standards relating to the preparation and production of the ingredients and to their processing. Exclusively natural raw materials are permitted. Besides the careful selection of the plant materials themselves, importance is also given to the ecological quality of each product, i.e. methods of production that are environmentally-friendly and do not deplete resources, as well as optimum biodegradability. It goes without saying that the guidelines also disallow the use of genetic manipulation, animal experiments and chemical preservatives.