Cold sores

Question : How can I decrease the outbreak of Cold sores in my mouth and on my lips? I've tried everything.
Answer : Cold sores are related, from an ayurvedic perspective, to excess Pitta in the body. Specifically, they result when digestive impurities (Ama) interact with Bhodaka Kapha, the subdosha which governs the tongue and sense of taste.

We don't offer an herbal formula specifically for Cold sores. The approach would be to take measures to decrease the Pitta and Ama. Some people with Cold sores find they are sensitive to citrus fruits or sour pineapple, which aggravate Pitta. Here are a few tips, but you may want to see an ayurvedic physician for a more individualized program.

Detoxify the body. Take Detox Pitta for 45 days--this formula gently cleanses Ama from the body without increasing Pitta.

Reduce Pitta-aggravating foods such as sour tasting foods, pungent spices and nuts.

Eat lots of sweet juicy fruits--they are both cooling and cleansing.

Soak a handful of raisins in water overnight. Drain and eat them the next morning.

Use the Pitta Churna to season your foods during cooking, and sip Pitta Tea.