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Raja's Cup 228g Loose

Caffeine Free, Herbal Drink, 228g
Raja means king and the recipe used for this coffee substitute is exactly the same as that used by the kings of ancient India, who drank it to obtain bliss and good health. This highly concentrated powder can be boiled in water or milk and served with sugar according to taste. Raja's Cup is caffeine-free and is soothing yet gently reviving. It is a precise blend of four health-promoting ingredients - Clearing Nut, Coffee Senna, Liquorice and Aswagandha. It aids the digestion of fats and is beneficial after heavy meals. It is sealed in an aroma-safe way to preserve it full flavour


Put 1/2 to 1/4 teaspoon (2.5-5g) in boiling water and add milk & sugar to taste or boil it in milk and add sugar to taste.

Take 2-3 times daily.


  • Clearing-Nut
  • Coffee senna
  • Aswagandha
  • Liquorice



Allergy advice: Contains

None Known